Come Birding with us in Misiones and Beyond 

Noah birding

Noah Strycker birding Cruce Caballero during his Big Year

birding antshrike

Atlantic Forest endemic Spot-backed Antshrike

Families, Birding Groups and Hard Core Birders welcome

Full and half days, multi-day trips to all the best birding hotspots of Misiones: Iguazú, Araucarias, Urugua-í, Kaa Yarí, Mocona and more. . .


Or let us help you create your own itinerary to watch birds in Argentina’s Atlantic Forest!


Birding with Guy Cox

“With over 30 years in South America, Guy is a guide with the experience to find the birds, solve problems and get things done…


Site Photo Credits

We’d like to say a big thank you to the following people for contributing photos for this new Toucan Birding site:

birding gnatcatcher

Creamy-bellied Gnatctcher, an endangered winter fvourite

  • Ramon Moller Jensen (all bird portraits unless otherwise stated)
  • Rick Vetter
  • Martjan Lammertinck
  • Karen Ross
  • Craig Swolgaard
  • Omar Machado
  • Hervé Pellegrini

    birding becard

    Handsome male Green-backed Becard

  • Jack and Carol Piper
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