Come Birding with us in Misiones and Beyond 

Noah birding

Noah Strycker birding Cruce with Guy during his Big Year

birding antshrike

Atlantic Forest endemic Spot-backed Antshrike

Families, Birding Groups and Hard Core Birders welcome

Full and half days, multi-day trips to all the best birding hotspots of Misiones: Iguazú, Araucarias, Urugua-í, Kaa Yarí, Mocona and more. . .

Or let us help you create your own itinerary to watch birds in Argentina’s Atlantic Forest!

Birding with Guy Cox

With over 30 years in South America, Guy is a guide with the experience to find the birds and solve problems.  His deep concern for  local and global conservation issues and the health of the planet, inform his decisions and make him an interesting birding companion. 

Guy Cox – great birding guide in the Iguazu region!

“Guy led and guided my wife and I around the Misiones region south and east of Iguazu for 3 days late in the summer of 2018-19. The program was customised to our particular interest in photographing the feathered friends. His sharp eye and in-depth knowledge of local birdlife we came almost to take for granted as he served up round after round of additional species in subtly different environments. For us the bonus was the continual learning through our easy conversation, about natural history more generally in the region, political and environmental history; the lives and activities of local people. It’s clear he lives in and loves this central part of the continent (extending into surrounding countries). It felt more like spending time in this unfamiliar region with an expert friend than commissioning (at very reasonable price) a commercial guide.”

March 2019 – – Trevor and Carol Ireland, Adelaide, AU

“In our five days with Guy in Misiones, we tallied 220 species of birds. With most of our lifers, we had extremely satisfying views.”

“Guy has lived in South America for quite a few years, is fluent in Spanish, and knows the culture well enough to get things done.”

Gina Sheridan and Dennis Murphy CA

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Best Birds of 2020…

A selection of some of the best Toucan Birding sightings and photos of the year – – 

birding gnatcatcher

Creamy-bellied Gnatctcher, a winter fvourite



birding becard

Handsome male Green-backed Becard







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